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Your website speaks volumes about your brand. Build a lasting impression with your clients with a bespoke website created by SEO and website development experts and graphic design professionals.

About us

DotViolet founders carry more than 10 years of experience in website design, app development, digital marketing and SEO. Our know-how plays a pivotal role in our delivery strategy to reach millions of users with quality products and digital assets. Our team here are made of talented individuals who have been able to develop market for countless products, making critical contributions to businesses from different industries in Thailand and beyond.

Our Services

Website Design

A well-designed website serves as the first impression for your potential clients and says a lot about your brand image which enhances your reputation in your client’s eyes and increases your conversion.


SEO is the backbone of your website. We provide extensive SEO strategies with the aim to rank your website high on search engines, bolster your presence online, and help penetrate your target audience.


A cutting-edge online store serves to maximize your business’s potential, allowing you to attract your target clientele. Our team has got it all to deliver a fully-featured store with seamless customer journey.

Digital Marketing

Our cross-functional team of digital marketing experts who specialize in Google and Facebook Ads are ready to elevate your brand to reach your target market and strengthen your online presence.


Breathe life to your brand through powerful and high quality branding. Our team of seasoned graphic designers will create unique, stunning visuals and designs that reflect your brand’s character and values.

Social Media

It is no secret that one of the keys to a successful business is a well thought social media strategy with engaging content and world class paid media. We are experts in delivering tailored made results.

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Why WordPress Reigns Supreme?

Easy to Use

WordPress websites are versatile, easy to use, yet highly customizable. Currently being used on over 35% of all websites on the internet, WordPress has a highly responsive layout among all other content management systems (CMS) and is being used by more than 60% of CMS users. With a wide variety of plugins and WordPress theme options to choose from, your website is equipped with highly customizable features meeting all your needs. Our website developers ensure that your website is fully functional and meets all your requirements. Rest assured that if anything goes wrong, our team will provide you with timely and dedicated support.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any successful website. Search engines such as Google, often rank WordPress sites higher than other types of websites. This is because WordPress CMS structure is designed to make it easy for search engines crawlers to identify, index, and rank your website. What’s more, WordPress hosts a wide variety of professional SEO plugins, such as Yoast, which easily allows users to add relevant keywords in a correct fashion. By going for a WordPress website, you get features that positively impact the amount of traffic directed to your site in the long run.

Mobile Responsive

People are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones to go online. Studies have shown that mobile devices accounts for more than 50% of the world’s internet traffic. Having a mobile-first, responsive website is of utmost importance to empower your business’s online reputation and overall success. On top of that, mobile-responsiveness is an important factor in order for your site to get indexed and rank high on Google search engine. WordPress offers an enormous variety of versatile mobile-friendly plugins, designs, and themes to make your website accessible on all kinds of mobile devices.

Powerful Plugins & Integrations

WordPress boasts a large database of plugins, which includes all the elements to take your site to the next level. From general features to specialized functions, WordPress plugin directory contains thousands of plugins to cater to your site’s specific needs. You’re all covered, whether it’s adding features such as shopping cart, contact forms, or even translation! Plus, these plugins are available in both free and paid versions to accommodate any budget. WordPress plugin applications are super customizable, seamlessly delivering any conceivable feature your website requires.